Unofficial Whalley Pointe
Unofficial Whalley Pointe
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The Whalley Pointe complex is located between 105A and 105 Avenues on University Drive

Grandview Court 10523 University Drive, Surrey BC V3T 5T8

Parkview Court 10533 University Drive, Surrey BC V3T 5T7

Grandview is a 16-storey concrete high-rise with attached 4-storey wing.
Parkview is a 4-storey separate structure.
Each building has an Excercise Room with Saunas.
Each building has an Amenity Room that is open 9 to 9 for drop in when not booked for a private function.
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There is a realtor sign post facing University Drive in front of Grandview Court
RENTAL INQUIRIES: Grandview and Parkview Courts do not have a rental office. Rental information can be found in local newspapers, or online at the above links.

TENANTS: Please address any issues regarding your suite with your landlord.
Property Management

Dorset Realty Group Canada Ltd.
215, 10451 Shellbridge Way, Richmond, BC, V6X 2W8
Ph: (604) 270-1711 ext 120
Fax: (604) 270-8446

Resident Caretakers

Office in Grandview Court Amenity Room
Ph: (604) 589-0274 Office Hours 8:00 am through 5:00 pm Mon-Fri

Saturday and Relief Caretaker
Ph: (604) 589-0274 Office Hours 8:30 am through 5:00 pm Saturday Only

Emergency After Hours 604 270-1711

Strata Council Mail boxes in both Grandview and Parkview lobbies.
Police, Fire, Ambulance 9-1-1
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