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May 2018 Block Watch Pest Controle Air Conditioners
April 2018 Block Watch Rent Cafe
Narch 2018 Rent Cafe
February 2018 Block Watch-Rent Cafe General Contact info 2018
January 2018 Block Watch Security Channels
November 2017 Block Watch and Rent Cafe Renovations 2017
October 2017 Block Watch and Rent Cafe
September 2017 Block Watch Insurance Bulletin
Strata Web Site
April 2017 Block Watch Spring
July 2016 Saftey Visitor Parking
Februay 2016 Bicycle Registration General Contact Info Sheet
July 2015 Block Watch A Safer Place to Live Food Is Not Garbage
April 2015 Battery Recycling in Garbage Room Dumpster May 2015
November 2013 Dryer Duct Cleaning
March 2012 Bicycle Registration
February 2012 Water Shut off Parkview 2012 02 03
January 2012 Fire Alarm Testing
Council Wants Your Vote 1 Council Wants YOUR Vote 2
July and October 2011 Block Watch Info Package Block Watch Meet and Greet
October 2011 LMS1328 WebSite is Online LMS1328 Website Gone
?????? 2011 Wanted Asst Fire Safety Directors Air Conditioners 2011
Water Shut Off May 2011 Dumpster May 6 - 16, 2011 Dumpster Banned Materials
Destroy Proposed Consolidated Rules of Jan 2011 Units Waiving Right to Complaint re rule 19 Soliciting/Canvasing Registered members of Owners Group
Harassment Free Living Space Waiver of right to Complaint Form for Rule 19 Application to Register as member of Concerned Owners Group
Parkview Mailbox Feb 15 2011 Email re Parkview Mailbox Parkview Mailbox Feb 2 2011
Insurance Update Sep 2010 Insurance Update Dec 2009 Insurance Update Oct 2009

Bike Stolen Parkview Court Nov 2010 Dryer Duct Cleaning PC Dec 2010 Fire Inspection Nov 2010

Humidity Control Bulletin #4 Humidity CMHC Mold Protection CANSTAR
Dumpster Available 2010 Dumpster Banned Materials List Trash Removal Firms 2008
Water Escape Bulletin #3 2009 Trade List Humidity Control Oct 2008
Notice to Enter Jul 08 Construction Noise Oct 2008 Parking Stall Storage Oct 2008
Toilet Fill Valves Bull #1 Dec 2007 Fire Hazard Litter Feb 2007 News Letter (Presidents Msg) 2008
NewsLetter Oct 2006 Carry Your Pet Oct 2006 Marijuana/Cigarette Smells Dec 2006

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